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Thursday, January 10, 2013

4MLinux and mythical Phoenix

This is my first post that is addressed to advanced users rather than newbies. I will try to show that 4MLinux and the mythical bird have something in common: both are able to repair themselves, though I must admit that Phoenix is much better at this ;-)

1) I am opening the /etc directory in Midnight Commander (click the image to enlarge it):

2) Now I am removing all the files (but not folders!) included in this directory:

3) I've just removed all essential system settings (fstab, initab, password, and many others)! Let's check this with Midnight Commander:

4) I am rebooting 4MLinux now. During the boot 4MLinux is asking me to choose a new password for root (there is nothing surprising in it, because I've removed all passwords):

5) Hallelujah! 4MLinux is up and running again. The default version of basic system settings has been rebuilt:

1) 4MLinux does not use any backup file to repair itself. The new files are created from scratch  by sysinit script. See: chapter 2 of 4MLinux help.
2) It is also possible to repair 4MLinux without rebooting your computer. This can be done by executing the "restart" command in the console.

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