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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Mobile Broadband Modems

Are you using your mobile phone or USB  modem to connect to the Internet? Let's try to configure it now!

1) Attach your mobile phone or USB modem (these pictures were taken in my kitchen :-)

2) Select Configure from the Internet Menu:

3) A terminal window will be opened. You are configuring a dial-up connection, so you should choose '3' and press Enter:

4) Now you must insert the data required by your ISP (Internet Service Provider), for example:

'phone number' is obligatory, while 'username' and 'password' are not required by many network operators (if so, you can skip them by pressing Enter).

5) It's time to connect to the the Internet. Your modem will be configured and initialized automatically:

You can close the 'MODEM' window now.

Additional info:
1) If 4MLinux is unable to detect your modem, then re-attach this modem, wait a few seconds, execute the 'udev' command (in terminal), and try to connect again.
2) Location of configuration files in 4MLinux: the default network interface is defined in
the /etc/interface file. All other networking settings are stored in the /etc/net directory.

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