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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The FOX Toolkit

The basic version of 4MLinux is less than 45 MB in size. This is possible because 4MLinux Desktop is based on a very light window manager (JWM) with a set of relatively small applications from  The FOX Toolkit. These programs are tiny but powerful (e.g. they are able to handle JPG, PNG, and TIFF graphics; 3D support via Mesa drivers is also compiled-in). 

This post describes The FOX Toolkit in 4MLinux 6.1. Other versions may differ a bit.

1) Applications:
File Manager

Text Editor


Screen Shooter

2) The Fox Toolkit includes Control Panel, which makes it very easy to customize and apply your own settings:

3) The full version of 4MLinux has X File Explorer as its default file manager (which is also based on the the FOX library):

Note: you can change the default file manager by editing the /etc/fm/fm.conf file.