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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The FOX Toolkit

The basic version of 4MLinux is less than 45 MB in size. This is possible because 4MLinux Desktop is based on a very light window manager (JWM) with a set of relatively small applications from  The FOX Toolkit. These programs are tiny but powerful (e.g. they are able to handle JPG, PNG, and TIFF graphics; 3D support via Mesa drivers is also compiled-in). 

This post describes The FOX Toolkit in 4MLinux 6.1. Other versions may differ a bit.

1) Applications:
File Manager

Text Editor


Screen Shooter

2) The Fox Toolkit includes Control Panel, which makes it very easy to customize and apply your own settings:

3) The full version of 4MLinux has X File Explorer as its default file manager (which is also based on the the FOX library):

Note: you can change the default file manager by editing the /etc/fm/fm.conf file.


  1. 4MLinux 6.1 Media Edition mplayer problem

    The mplayer binary distributed with 4MLinux 6.1 Media Edition has been compiled with CPU (hardware) specific acceleration code (SSE instructions perhaps?) and thus cannot be run on older hardware.

    Trying to execute mplayer on an old Pentium IV laptop fails with the message: "Illegal Instruction".

    Please tell the mplayer make/configure script not to use CPU specific OP codes.

    If you would like to respond send email to the address my.4mlinux.webpage at

    Thank you for sharing your work with the rest of us.

  2. 1) What does it have to do with The Fox Toolkit :-)

    2) Did it happen when you tried to watch movie under "pure console" (i.e. without X or framebuffer enabled)? If so, this may be a problem with the SVGA library (its VESA driver does not work with the Linux kernel 3.9.0 and later).